Here’s some of what you’ll learn from this ebook:

* How, Why, Where and When to Earn Bucks With Your Bike

* The Essentials of BikeBillboards

* The Hitch - The Trailer

* Best Bike Styles for Advertising

* Who to Hire and Who to Avoid

* Book Bikes and Unique Needs for Different Users

* Why You Should Have Your Own BikeBillboard Regardless of Your Existing Business

* How to Make Your Own BikeBillboard

* Where and How to Start to Get Business

* What to Wear to Get Noticed - Correctly

* Different Types of Bike Businesses (besides making bikes and billboards)

* Different Models in Different Venues - Why Some Suck

* Make your own advertorial

* Correct Messaging is Critical

* Insurance

* Safety Training

* Franchising - Affiliates

* Joining a Bike Network

* Should You Have Your Own Website or referral?

* How to Price Your Services

* Wide-Format Printing

* And much more

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