Totally new marketing ideas are a huge part of why the bike billboards industry has so much potential. From Pop-Up stores and outdoor theaters on wheels, to book bikes at libraries with self-promoting authors, to roaming hordes of RVers earning extra income in thousands of towns, to cafes and street fairs and farmers markets, BikeBillboards fill an enormous and unique marketing niche. 

​Great New Strategies for Local Awareness and Solving Major Problems 
The above photo is of a book carrying BOOK-BIKE that is also a great example of a POP-UP store on wheels which can also be a mobile theater or educational tool. The actual design details and examples are covered in our book, "Make Money With Your Bike." Perfect for self-publishing authors and self-selling entrepreneurs. Easily adapted to almost any kind of outdoor advertising and sales strategy because the panels unfold into a two-sided, larger than normal bike billboard. Special Note* a forthcoming, standalone website, is also a part of the family of websites with international potential (see franchise sample ad).

Trade Shows, Street Fairs and Convention Centers

Some of our very first clients and customers were large organizations with unique marketing challenges. One such was a regional hospital who needed to connect with young, pre-natal mothers in the huge hispanic community in East Los Angeles. A 3-day, bike billboard campaign with a unique message, at a major community street fair did the trick. We could get face-to-face with the targeted families with critically important information translated into both Spanish and English.

Augmenting National Advertising Campaigns

Another one of our first-of-a-kind campaigns was for Cricket Wireless. They contacted us for a 17 city promotion of their services, which had to be in specialized venues that would make them the only advertiser. We solved the problem with one of our affiliates who had the requisite chops to get the job done. It wasn't easy for sure (the lessons learned are in our book), but the client was ecstatic with the results. One-on-one, eyeball-to-eyeball marketing with an experienced team of pre-trained riders, has no equal in experiential marketing. 

Intro To The ShelterPOD/ShelterVet

We are proud to introduce a new concept for helping cities and towns cope with the increasing nationwide homeless problem. Many homeless people would rather be outdoors than be in a potentially dangerous and permanent-type shelter. We invite charities and government officials to explore our unique mobile emergency housing concepts. Homeless people may also earn income by participation. Use "SHELTERPOD" in the subject line on the Contact Us page.

Individual BikeBillboard Owners Can Make a HUGE Difference 

Here's an example one of the best uses for bike billboards we've ever seen in a long time. John Jenks is the Admissions Coordinator for 7 foster home locations in Virginia. John is riding and organizing to help bring a broader awareness of the need for more foster parents in his area. He started with a very small bike billboard too. FMI, see​

Delivery Services, EBikes, Cafes, Realtors, Chambers of Commerce and Community Outreach 
Consider this: almost every American already has a bike and tens of millions of new electric bikes (EBikes) are also coming to every street in every town. The amount of messages and new uses for every individual with a smart phone and a bike, is virtually unlimited. Any person with a bike and a billboard and a good, well thought-out message, can make a huge difference (in local elections too). The selfie generation is here to stay and expand. 

Please contact us anytime for suggestions and comments. More information and other bike related concepts for community redevelopment are written about in our new book "Make Money With Your Bike" (links to Amazon, Apple, B&N and other retailers are on the Home page).