Knowledge is leading the way in effective green outdoor advertising.  BikeBillboards are the ultimate, dependable tools for experiential marketing. Our book is the first step and also important, inexpensive help.


“Mobile advertising displays boost name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising”
Product Acceptance and Research, Inc.

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You can have your own bike billboard and start your own local outdoor ad agency or just ride for self-promotion. But for safety and important marketing tips, get our ebook first. Learn from the advertising pro who was the first bike billboard manufacturer in America and also the most successful.

Bike Billboards are the fastest growing segment of the new “green” outdoor advertising market and for very good reasons too. First of which, is they are incredibly effective, inexpensive to purchase, and to maintain and deploy. Now, with Bike Billboards – almost anyone can have their own mobile outdoor billboard and/or outdoor advertising business. Great way to keep fit and make money at the same time too. Bicycle billboards can go almost anywhere and can advertise in places where typical billboards and mobile billboards (trucks) cannot be or cannot go.

Want to make some extra money on week-ends? Want to ride a bike and earn a few extra bucks?

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The first review of the book came in with this:

"Richard Pawlowski’s thoughtful and fact-filled work here would have been a huge help to us had it been available five years ago. You can now take advantage of our mistakes. He outlines many of the mistakes we made which could have saved us a few years and some R&D money. His advice here is appropriate not only for a bicycle related business, but for any business or startup. Richard’s many years of entrepreneurship and pivoting when things went a little sideways, give him the perspective to know there is opportunity here." – Andrea Lieberman


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